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New Release – Atomic Scope v7.0

Archana sukumaran


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Posted: June 22, 2020

We are delighted to inform you that the next version of Atomic Scope v7.0 will be released for production use within a couple of days!

We understand the customer needs and add them to the product to make the product as suitable as possible for the user and always make sure that all the suggestions and feedback are being answered and that they are accommodated in the product. The outcome is a new version, being released with the below new set of features, enhancements, and of course several bug fixes.

New Features

Dynamic Email Template Engine

Monitoring is the most important feature of the Atomic Scope. An exception alert and query alert monitoring are the two monitoring in the Atomic Scope. Basically, we are having default email templates for sending exception/query alerts. But those templates are static, and it is not customizable as per customer requirements.

The main goal of this feature is that the user should be able to completely customize the email templates.

Atomic Scope Email template

In the configuration section, the user can able to provide the basic details such as Template Name, Description, Captions, and template settings.

In the Template Designer section, we have two tabs. Custom Designer and HTML Designer. The custom design is where the user can have the default placeholders and the user can able to drag and drop the respective placeholders to create the email templates. The HTML Designer is where the user can mention directly the HTML code to form the respective email template.


Graphical Business Process Designer

It is a very useful feature request from one of our valuable Customers. The main aim of this feature is to configure their transaction workflow while configuring their business process. It would be very useful to visualize their transaction workflow with the help of this business process designer.

The user can able to configure the expected workflow in the transaction level by drag and dropping the respective stages. They can design their workflow based upon their business scenario

Graphical Business Process Designer

Let’s say, if the user is expecting a stage and that doesn’t come up during the runtime of the transaction, that respective stage will be marked as Unknown with a black stroke color.

By configuring the Business Process, you’ll get more clear visibility to how are your business transactions have really been executed.

BAM Continuation

AtomiScope allows to track activities from three different resources such as BizTalk, Azure, and API’s. Each activity is a transaction and it consists of several stages. These stages are linked together with the help of MainActivityId’s and Previous Stage Name.

In BizTalk, this dependency is not there. We’ll have these properties in the message context, and when it comes to Azure or API’s they must pass it manually.

On the other side, we have a concept called global properties where you can map with stages to track your respective properties. Let’s say, we are receiving the same property value for the two stages. Then instead of mapping the stages with Main ActivityId and Previous Stage Name, it would be great if we map them with the property.

This feature helps to link between the stages using a global property and it is called Continuation. It gives you the ability to find the MainActivityId from an existing transaction instance based on functional parameters.

BAM Continuation

Tracking V2 APIs

In Atomic Scope V7, we are bringing you a fresh set of API’s for logging activities. If we have any REST API application and want to log activities to Atomic Scope, we can make use of this API.

The new route for the API is http://localhost/atomicscope/api/tracking-v2/activities. The user can do all the activities like Start/ Update / Exception / Archive from a single API now. This will decrease the confusion and easy to use. Some properties needed by Atomic Scope were asked to push within the message body which was not a very good approach.

The main advantage of this implementation is the user doesn’t have to modify the original message body.

All the properties which are needed for Atomic Scope to track is accepted in the `HTTP-Headers` as a `Key-Value` pair.In some cases where the user might already have the same transaction with the same property tracked which is already available on the Atomic Scope database.

Tracking V2 APIs

Improvements and Bug Fixes

These are some of the improvements and bug fixes we are bringing in this release of Atomic Scope.

Import/Export Saved Search

In Atomic Scope, the user can able to save the tracking searches. To provide more flexibility, we are introducing import and export for saved searches.

Import/Export Saved Search in Atomic Scope Import/Export Saved Search in Atomic Scope

 This will help the user to reuse the used saved search queries in different workspace and environments.


  1. We can choose only one JSON file while importing it.
  2. There is no restriction for the same file name to save the queries.

Persist Column Selection Value

AtomicScope allows us to select/ unselect, drag, and drop the column option as per the requirement. From this release, the user should be able to save the column option for the Search along with search queries.

This option will help to select only the important columns so that the user couldn’t miss any important status and the user can priorities the columns by reordering instead of showing all columns.

Restart Atomic Scope Windows Service from Atomic Scope Portal

We have high availability to our windows service to ensure it is continuously operational for a long period of time in production environments.

If there are multiple services, now where the user can switch between multiple services and view the current active instance and can restart the current active instance from the portal itself just in case of any service crash instead of doing it from the windows service management tool.

Restart Atomic Scope windows service

Support for Import/Export Option for IE and Firefox

From this release, users can import/export Business Process, Dashboard, Email Templates from Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers.

Performance Improvements

We have improved the whole performance of the portal. We have improved the purging operation. Now, it will be run every two hours. The license check in the runtime will happen at an interval of 2 hours.


We are proud to bring out the seventh version of Atomic Scope. We always listen to customer needs and challenges and prioritize them in our backlog.

Author: Archana sukumaran

Working as a Software engineer (QA) in Atomic Scope.