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Atomic Scope version 3.0 release updates

Umamaheswaran Manivannan


Category: Atomic Scope Launch

Posted: September 13, 2018

It’s been three months since we released Atomic Scope Version 2.0 and today we are happy to announce that Atomic Scope Version 3.0 is out and available for download. All the features in this version are primarily driven by direct customer feedback and through various demos to lot of prospects and integration community. 

Monitor your data of interest with Atomic Scope

Atomic Scope is set out to solve the needs of the business users. One of the important things that business users care about is data. We should also be able to set alerts based on the data of business interest. In this release you can do that by utilizing our carefully crafted query monitoring feature.

Query monitoring allows users to validate the results of the query against the specified threshold operator and the threshold value.

For example let’s consider the user wants to monitor high value orders in their system. To find the results for this users needs to run Atomic Scope search query in the tracking page.

Search query might look something like below

process = "Sales" price > 10

You can either save a search query or copy the search query and visit query monitor page to configure the query alerts.

Notification Channels

Different organizations use different tools for internal/external communication/collaboration. So for any monitoring solution it is essential to be able to send alerts to all the different channels. With this release we are supporting the most commonly used collaboration tools.

Supported Channels

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Operations Management Suite (OMS)
  • PagerDuty
  • SMTP
  • Webhook

Web APIs for tracking activities

Atomic Scope supports Hybrid integration solutions when we say hybrid sometimes its possible that you have system/service within your integration flow which might be outside BizTalk or LogicApps For those kind of systems we have added the ability to log your activities through REST APIs.

Message Reprocessing

When a message from downstream systems is invalid or having issues with data, functional support teams will have two choices. either they can request the source system to resend the message ,or they can reprocess it by resubmitting the inbound message.

The first option is time-consuming as it involves communication between source system support teams and integration functional support teams. The latter option is much more convenient and time saving, especially when addressing real-time mission-critical issues.

Atomic Scope brings the ability to correct and reprocess messages by submitting to following endpoints.

  • WCF-SQL receive locations(BizTalk)
  • Http Web Endpoints

Message Encryption

Security is one of the primary concern for the Atomic Scope. From this release each message is secured using AES256 Encryption Algorithm. Every single message which comes through Atomic Scope is encrypted if required.

Tracking Switch

If you want to stop Atomic Scope tracking now you can do this by using a single switch in the Atomic Scope portal.

Improved Search Experience

In the previous version of AtomicScope customers only had the options to utilize a predefined set of properties on which they can run searches.

Over the past few months we have been improving our search feature which now lets you to configure any number of search properties in the UI.

With this version we are also allowing customers to specify the type of the properties so that customers can search using comparison operators for certain properties like price.

In previous version of AtomicScope customers can only look for exact match of the property, but in this version you can search using wildcards. 

Archiving in Logic Apps

Atomic Scope V3 allows customers to archive messages from Logic Apps. Also customers can disable archiving in a particular stage.

Handling large messages

If the message is above 256 KB Atomic Scope stores the message in blob storage to reduce the size of the on prem database.


We built these features based on the feedback that we received from our partners and potential customers. There will be series of articles published explaining each of these features in detail. For more information you can visit our documentation.

If you want to have a demo of the product please write to us at  or visit our website