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Atomic Scope Version 3.0 UI Improvements

Pandiyan Murugan


Category: Atomic Scope Launch

Posted: September 19, 2018

In this blog, let’s take a look at the some of the key UI Improvements in Atomic Scope Version 3. There are several significant UI updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include

Message Flow of tracked data

In this release, we have improved the look and feel as well as the usability of the message flow of tracked data.

The new experience comes with several advantages over the past version

  • The message flow diagram looks simpler and informative now.
  • We have organized focused Information of stages wisely.
  • Brand new full-screen option to explore stage information in detail in side by side view.
  • Navigating to other transaction become simpler with new navigation options.

We have the improved the message flow diagram to provide more valuable information such as time taken to complete the stage, type of resource, and status of the stages.

Atomic Scope Version 3 Message Flow Diagram

In the earlier version, we have placed all the information in one small window. From Atomic Scope Version 3, we have additionally added ability to view the message flow in full-screen as well.

The user will be able to switch to full-screen view to explore the information in side by side and navigating to another transaction becomes even simpler from this release.

Navigation controls to traverse to the next or previous transaction placed near to message flow information itself. So, we don’t always need to go back to the results grid to navigate to another transaction.

Atomic Scope Version 3 stage details

Stage details of the transaction are organized wisely to provide better accessibility to most important information at first.

For example, if the transaction has any failed stage the Atomic Scope application will provide the exception details and the time of occurrence, etc.


Atomic Scope Version 3 introduces the new feature of Reprocessing messages.

For example – if a stage is failed in the transaction, instead of starting the transaction again we can reprocess that stage.

Atomic Scope enables you to reprocess your stage with custom configuration. You can quickly configure your reprocess settings in few clicks in the business process page.

Once you have configured the reprocess settings, you can initialize the reprocess operation from the UI right away.

Reprocessing option

Improved search experience

We have improved the search experience in the Atomic Scope Version 3. It is hard to find the type of search property whether a property is a string or number in the earlier version.

This release makes it easier to search for results by adding the type of search property to the IntelliSense.

Search IntelliSense

We have improved the constructive helper message which helps to complete the search by suggesting the available operation keywords. This will help to refine the searched to filter results based on type and combination between one or more search terms.

Search helper message

Alert Configuration

In the earlier version, Exception alert configuration present in each individual business process. In the Atomic Scope Version 3, Alert configuration is placed under Monitoring section.

We can configure alert settings for the various business process in one common place.

Alert Configuration

Other UI Improvements

From this release, Our UI indicator will keep you updated on the number of days left in your license.

License information