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Release blog – Atomic Scope v8.0

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Posted: June 22, 2021
We are happy to inform you that the next version of Atomic Scope will be released for production use within a couple of days! Atomic Scope always understand the empathy of the customers and improve the product accordingly, by developing new features and enhancing the existing ones and fixed numerous issues raised by customers and some of them were retrospective fixes. This blog brings insight into all the work gone into Atomic Scope 8.0 release.


Let’s take a look at some of the key features in Atomic Scope V8.0. There are several significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include
  • Log activity connector
  • Token-based authentication for Tracking API’s
  • Data Purging Improvements
    • Stored Procedure performance improvement
    • Purge History – UI
  • Health check status for purging

Token based Tracking API’s

Tracking Activities are the core functionality in Atomic Scope. BasicallyAtomic Scope is implemented by the windows authentication mechanism which means only windows users can access the application by using their Windows credentials. Many customers requested to implement Token based authentication for our Tracking API’s. From this Version 8 on, users can access the tracking activities via a third-party service without providing Windows credentials. So, this is an especially useful feature for non-windows users. Now by the implementation of OAuth authentication non-Windows users also can get access to the tracking activities by giving the generated OAuth access token. For more details
Token based Tracking API’s

URL Datatype for Stage and Global Property

In Atomic Scope, while adding stage or global properties, we are currently supporting three property datatypes, namely string, number, and DateTime. In this version 8, we are introducing the URL data type. When we configure a property as URL type, the property value will be shown as a hyperlink on the on the tracking page. URL Datatype

Health Check Status Info

This feature is used to display a health warning in the top bar next to your license information when,
    • DB size exceeds configured limit of 20GB – The Atomic Scope Windows NT service runs every 5 minutes and updates the database size limit to exceed status if the database breached the configured size limit.
    • Data Purging is not running for the last configured time limit – The Data Purging process runs every 15 minutes, if the process is not running in the last 15 minutes due to any issue, we will notify purging execution failed status.
Health Check Status Info

Mark Reprocessing HTTP Headers Sensitive

Security is the key thing that every customer looks at. Few HTTP headers may be confidential which need not be shown to normal users, except admins and Business Process owners while reprocessing. To solve this problem, we created the feature Mark reprocessing HTTP headers sensitive. Toggling the eye icon near the respective header will mark the particular header as sensitive, and that confidential header will not be shown to other users except admins or Business Process Owners in the Tracking screen. Mark Reprocessing HTTP Headers Sensitive

Log Activity Connector

Our customers always prefer features that reduce the time consumption and costs. In this release, we have introduced a new connector that supports such requirements. You can now use a single connector to perform both Start and Update events together. This will reduce the number of actions used in a logic app and reduce the number of events thrown to the service bus resulting in slightly reduced cost and increased performance. Log Activity Connector


These are some of the other improvements across the product core areas.

Data Purging

Purging is an important and complicated functionality in Atomic Scope. We always try to improve that functionality. This is one of the most requested improvements from our customers. In the previous version, purging was taking place once every 2 hours, where will the product tried to delete all the purge data in a single iteration. This has brought timeout issues for some of our customers where the environment is exposed to extremely high loads like 1 million messages in less than an hour. To overcome this, from v8 purging will automatically take place for every 15 minutes (customisable in the database) once deleting the top 10000 records at every run. We can also view the purge history from Atomic Scope portal which is present under monitoring section. Data Purging

Purging Highlights

  • The frequency of purging is increased.
  • Purging History can be viewed with execution status.
  • Health status update in the top bar along with DB Size warning indicator

Diagnostic Logs – Class Level filter

There may be a lot of logs in a highly used production environment. For ease of use and to find the most useful information from v8 on, we have the new class level filter. Here, the user can type the required class name in the input box and filter out the logs with the particular class name. Diagnostic Logs

Tracking from BizTalk Cluster Node support

Many of our customers are using a clustered environment. In the previous version, we did not add the cluster node server name to the Atomic Scope database which was causing an Invalid License Exception when you tracked data from the clustered node. This problem has been identified and fixed from v8. Cluster node environments should no longer have any issues related to licensing.

Graphical Business Process Designer Improvement

This is a minor improvement in the Business Process Designer. In v7, we did not allow to draw a node with two previous stages. Graphical Business Process Designer Improvement

Bug Fixes

No: Description
1 Unable to deploy Azure Resources
2 Removed License Check while updating Atomic Scope
3 Removed Event Hub text from service message file.
4 Purging Timeout Issue
5 Atomic Scope does not pick up properties via XPath when using rest API.
6 Debatch Parent is not showing in the tracking portal.
7 Archive Tracking API V2 message is not archiving body.
8 Unable to fetch Notification channels.
9 Audit logs – Deployment request is showing client secret in UI.
10 Namespace issue in Azure Service Bus
11 Windows Service is clogging the DB when the Service Bus is not found.
12 Unable to save settings in Application Settings page.


So, these are the features that are going to be released in Atomic Scope Version 8.0. Also, we have lots of improvements and bug fixes in this release.

Feedback portal

For an important part, Atomic Scope is developed based on customer feedback. If you miss a specific feature in Atomic Scope or think that a specific feature can be improved, feel free to reach out to us via the Atomic Scope feedback portal.

Stay Tuned

For more information, you can visit  documentation.’ If you have to any queries regarding the product, please write to us at support@atomicscope.come or visit our website.
Author: Archana sukumaran

Working as a Software engineer (QA) in Atomic Scope.