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Reprocessing Enhancements

Suhas Parameshwara


Category: Atomic Scope

Posted: January 8, 2019

Atomic Scope is a functional end to end monitoring tool for Azure Integration Services and Hybrid Integration Services. It provides a unified approach for reprocessing of messages to a diverse set of services.

Why Reprocess?

When a message received from a respective service is invalid or having some issues with the data, the transaction will fail. Now, the functional support team will have two choices to make the transaction successful. They can request the source system to resend the message, or else they can edit and reprocess the message to that particular endpoint. The second option would be more convenient and faster than the first option.

 In the previous version of Atomic Scope, the product allowed you to edit and reprocess your messages to a BizTalk Receive Port and HTTP Endpoint. However, in this release, Atomic Scope brings the ability to edit and reprocess your messages to three more Azure artifacts. In this blog, we will see a detailed description of those artifacts.

Reprocessing Endpoints

Atomic Scope provides flexibility for the functional support team to edit and reprocess the messages at ease. In this release, it allows you to reprocess for the following artifacts, namely:

  • Service Bus Queue
  • Service Bus Topic
  • Event Grid

Reprocessing to Service Bus Queue & Topic

To reprocess your messages to a Service Bus Queue or Topic, it should be configured at the respective stage in the Business Process Configuration.

Atomic Scope allows you to specify Broker Properties and also User Properties during reprocess configuration for both Service Bus Queue’s as well as for Topics.

Reprocessing to Event Grid

To reprocess your messages to Event Grid, one need to configure this at a respective stage in Business Process Configuration. You need to specify the Topic Endpoint, Topic Key, Subject and Data Version of that respective event.

Event Grid also has an attribute called Event Type where you can track only a set of events based on that respective event type.  Atomic Scope allows you to specify the event type in that respective reprocess configuration.

Once the configuration is done, you can reprocess the failed transactions from the Tracking UI. For more details on reprocessing, you can visit the Documentation portal.


Including this release, Atomic Scope has a consolidated experience of resubmitting the messages to five Reprocessing Endpoints such as BizTalk Receive Port, Http Endpoint, Azure Service Bus Queue, Azure Service Bus Topic and Azure Event Grid. 

We have also added some exciting features to Atomic Scope version 4.0 where you can build your own dashboards, audit logs etc. You can check out this blog for more detailed information.