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UI Improvements with Atomic Scope 2.0 Release

Umamaheswaran Manivannan


Category: Atomic Scope

Posted: June 18, 2018

The new release of Atomic Scope brings numerous features and improvements to the Atomic Scope User interface. We are excited to introduce a brand-new Business Process configuration page, as well as a tabbed view for searching the tracking results. We hope these new features will make your business monitoring more streamlined than before.

In this post, Let’s go over these new features and discuss how users can use them to enhance their Atomic Scope UI experience.

Business Process Configuration Page

In version 2.0 we’ve rebuilt our business process configuration page from the group up. While the previous business configuration offered inline editing using the grid view for each artifact some of our customers and partners felt that the wizard kind of experience is not that user friendly, esp. when users have to switch between different transactions and stages.

By taking all the feedback we have gone back to our drawing board to come up with this sleek, navigation friendly UI for configuring the business processes.

Business process save page

In the page we now have a navigation bar in the left side of the screen which customers can use to navigate between business transactions and stages.

But this is not a simple navigation bar as it may seem, it is also used to indicate transactions and stages which has been modified. For example the transaction will have exclamation bar when something is updated in that particular transaction or any of the stage in that particular transaction.

Save Business Process Page

If a transaction/stage contains any error it will be marked with an error icon.

Sometimes you might notice that the save button is disabled. This happens either if you havent edited any of the fields after the last save or one of your transaction might be in a error state. Once your fixed the error you will be able to save the business process.

Tracking Page

The tracking page now allows you to perform multiple searches which means now users have more flexibility if they want search for different criteria’s and compare the results.

Below is snapshot of the new tracking UI. The first tab still has the two charts one fore displaying status of all the business transactions and another one to show you metrics based on the business process name.

Tracking - Overview page

In the default search tab users will still be able to search  for the transactions based on the search properties, but now if you do a new search without losing your previous search you can just click the ‘+’ symbol at the end of the tab list to create a new search view.

Tracking page

We have also added a context menu which has various options depending upon the transaction. For example if your transaction has been processed from a batch file if will have option to view all the transactions from that batch.

Tracking page with context menu

Other UI improvements

Apart from the business process page and tracking page we have also made several improvements to the overall look and feel of the application. Notably the top nav now has information on your current selected workspace and also a breadcrumb to show your current page.

We have also added user guidance wherever it’s needed. For example if you do not have a business process created instead of showing a empty list now you will be greeted with a message like below to make it more obvious for the user to perform the next required step for configuring Atomic Scope.

Empty Business Process Page

At the top right corner you can see username using which the user has logged on. We have also made improvements to the settings page for better user experience.

We’d love to hear what other features you’d like us to add and which services you think we should integrate with. Leave us a comment below. To checkout all the new features in our 2.0 release please click here.