What is Atomic Scope?

What is Atomic Scope?

Saravana Kumar


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Posted: March 1, 2018

Today we are super excited to finally ship Atomic Scope to the public. It took us close to a year from inception to getting the Atomic Scope product to the market. Shipping a product is hard, and the last 5% of work pretty much takes all of your energy. Putting the website together, getting the messaging correct, making sure demo request is working, the licensing server is up and running, the intro video is spot on etc., all takes its time.

It’s an enormous effort from our entire team and we are super proud to achieve this milestone.

What is Atomic Scope?

Think of it like the vNext of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), but for the modern era. A lot has changed in the past 10 years. Today’s integration scenarios span across boundaries covering on-premise (BizTalk Server) and cloud (Azure Logic Apps). This brings its own unique challenges, one of them is getting the end-to-end visibility of your transactions.

In my experience of building integration solutions for 15 years, every time there is a need that I can see for most organization — to build some kind of end-to-end traceability/monitoring solution that can be used by the business users. The simplest and best example that I can give here is “Where is my purchase order acknowledgment?“. Typically, teams spend about 20-30% of their time addressing this challenge by building custom solutions like logging components, and web dashboards. Most of the time the solution will be premature, since building an enterprise-grade tracking/monitoring solutions requires enormous effort.

That’s exactly the challenge we are tackling in Atomic Scope.

If you are a BizTalk Server + Azure Logic Apps + Web API’s customer and wanted to the get hold of an end-to-end traceability/monitoring solution, then Atomic Scope is the answer. We are aiming to add more technologies in the upcoming releases.


How can I get started with Atomic Scope?

You simply define your workspaces, business process and tracking requirements in the Atomic Scope web portal. Then you plug in our out of the box components (like BizTalk Pipeline Components, .NET SDK, and Azure Functions) into your solution and simply call the relevant helper methods. That’s it! You’ll see the magic of end-to-end traceability and monitoring of your business activities in the Atomic Scope portal.

We’ve put together a short video showing how the product works end-to-end to help business users keep track and visualize their business activities that span across hybrid integration scenarios (involving Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps) in real-time.

Strong team & product built on customer feedback

We started the project about a year ago, and we have already iterated through multiple versions working with our close partners and some of our large customers. We wanted to get it right first time, and also we wanted to make sure the product is scalable to businesses of any size.

We brought some really bright people into this project with enormous experience building and scaling integration solution. One such person is Nikhil Tayal. Nikhil worked in the BizTalk Product group (at Redmond) and was leading the engineering team who co-developed the B2B integration capabilities along with Azure Logic Apps team for Microsoft IT (Enterprise Platform Team). He moved all the way from Microsoft Redmond to our India office. You can read Nikhil’s blog here about the interesting journey of Atomic Scope. Another person is Srinivasa Mahendrakar who has enormous experience in real-world large-scale BizTalk Enterprise integrations. On top of that, I was responsible for providing the guidelines and inputs to the product direction.

We have done numerous private demos of Atomic Scope to our customers and partners and feedback has been quite amazing. This has given us the real confidence to put the product into the market and help businesses overcome their problems with tracking their business activities.

What’s next?

Please take a look at the Atomic Scope website and product tour page. We have a short video highlighting the product in action. If you are interested, please book a demo with us.

Author: Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar is the bootstrapped Founder of Kovai Ltd, the company that owns four B2B products (BizTalk360, ServiceBus360, AtomicScope, and Document360). He is a technology enthusiast, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2007, rewarded as "NRI of the Year 2016, Entrepreneur (UK)" by ICICI & Times Now. He is passionate about building and scaling profitable product companies. His personal ambition is to create and share the wealth, to create at least 25 successful people before he retires.