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Atomic Scope Version 5.0 Release Updates

Hariharan Subramanian


Category: Atomic Scope Launch

Posted: September 30, 2019

For the past few months, the team has been busy with adding features, which matter to our existing and potential customers. This document brings insight into all the work gone into the Atomic Scope 5.0 release.

New Features

Import/Export Dashboard

There are multiple customers who asked for this feature. Since they had multiple Atomic Scope environments, they needed to export the configuration of Analytics dashboard and re-import it into another environment. Similar to the Business Process export/ Import functionality, you can now do the same for dashboards as well.

Import and Export Dashboard

Reprocessing to a File location

Already, we have reprocessing capabilities to Endpoint types such as BizTalk WCF SQL Receive Locations, Http Endpoints, Azure Service Bus Queues, Azure Service Bus Topics and Azure Event Grid. In this release, we are introducing Reprocessing to File Locations, where the user needs to configure the File Path and File Name, after which  Atomic Scope takes care of wrapping that message into the respective File Location.


Make dashboard widgets actionable

There are some customers who have numerous widgets configured on the dashboard with a specific query filter. They wanted to click on it and get the same results in the Tracking screen as well. This is now possible.

Actionable dashboard widgets

Users should be able to select the message to reprocess

In the previous version of Atomic Scope, in case of multiple archived messages, the product automatically selects the first message for reprocessing. Some of our customers felt that allowing them to choose the message would be great. So this is now possible as well.

Select archive to reprocess

Search for Activities which are in Progress

The Tracking page is the heart of Atomic Scope. There might be numerous amount of transactions flowing throughout your system. But, there is a possibility that some of them may be In Progress. In the previous version of Atomic Scope, you will only be able to search for Successful or Failed transactions. Now, you can search for In Progress transactions as well.

Status ="InProgress"


These are some of the improvements we have brought in this release of Atomic Scope.

Show the version number in the Atomic Scope portal

During any troubleshooting sessions or during upgrades, we tend to ask the customer for the accurate build number of the MSI that is installed. Some of our customers, who do not have access to the administrator activities like this, felt the need of showing this somewhere inside the portal. So we brought this up.

Version Number

Show Actual date time in tracking grid

This is once again a customer request. The Tracking page shows the transaction time using an elapsed time format. Some of our customers wanted to see the actual date time when the transaction arrived. Hovering on top of the ‘Started On’ column will give you the actual time the transaction has taken place.

Actual Date Time for tracking

Bug Fixes

No Description
1 Unable to Export/Import Business Process with Reprocess Configuration.
2 Message body was archiving two times.
3 Saved Search UI issues.
4 Business Process Permission issue for AD Groups.
5 Improved UI Experience in viewing Message Body while Reprocessing.
6 Unable to traverse transaction while viewing related/batch activities.


We are proud to bring out the fifth version of Atomic Scope this year. We always listen to customer needs and challenges and prioritize them in our backlog.

“Big thanks to some of our existing customers for raising issues/problems and eventually helping us to bring out a matured product.”

For more information, you can visit our documentation.

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