Hariharan Subramanian, Author at Atomic Scope

Jan 25

Why we changed the tracking Architecture ?

New Year and a new Atomic Scope release! We are bringing some features to strengthen the core areas of the product to improve the tracking performance and

By Hariharan Subramanian

Nov 11

Tracking data using Azure Custom Connectors

If you are here reading this, I’m assuming you want to know more about Custom connectors and how it is being used to track data in Atomic Scope So basically,

By Hariharan Subramanian

Sep 30

Atomic Scope Version 5.0 Release Updates

For the past few months, the team has been busy with adding features, which matter to our existing and potential customers This document brings insight into

By Hariharan Subramanian

Mar 13

Improvements to Azure Components Installation

Atomic Scope is an End to End Tracking and Monitoring application for Azure Integration Services To enable tracking in these services Atomic Scope deploys some

By Hariharan Subramanian

Oct 1

Tracking business data in Azure Functions using Atomic Scope

Atomic Scope is a functional end to end monitoring solution for integration scenarios It helps you to track data from  Azure services such as Logic apps and

By Hariharan Subramanian

Sep 21

Web API’s to track data in Atomic Scope

Atomic Scope V3 brings you the ability to track data from your solution with the help of Atomic Scope Tracking API's In this blog, I will demonstrate how to

By Hariharan Subramanian