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Improvements to Azure Components Installation

Hariharan Subramanian


Category: Atomic Scope Launch

Posted: March 13, 2019

Atomic Scope is an End to End Tracking and Monitoring application for Azure Integration Services. To enable tracking in these services Atomic Scope deploys some components in Azure. In our previous releases, we provided a PowerShell script which does the deployment. At that time we thought this approach is better than having to create all these entities manually in Azure. Some of our customers did appreciate the PowerShell script approach since it saved a lot of time.

But we as a team continuously strive to improve each feature that we bring in our product. So we decided to make the deployment even simpler by providing a seamless experience during installation. 

“In this release 4.1, we have enabled our customers to deploy the Atomic Scope components right from the portal. You no longer need to run a PowerShell and have to go step by step.”


  • You can keep track of which version of Atomic Scope Azure components is installed.


  • Whenever there’s an update to Atomic Scope components, it can be done from the Atomic Scope portal itself.
  • You can Map existing resources which you were using in the earlier version of Atomic Scope.
  • Delete resources from Atomic Scope portal
  • Keep track of deployment history


Using the above page, if the customer has already deployed resources using the previous version, they can also map the existing deployment using the Map existing Resources button. Here we also keep track of Atomic Scope component updates and notify you if there’s an update available.

You will also be able to keep track of deployment History, upgrade the components and also delete it from the same page.



Please find the prerequisite for deployment from the Atomic Scope documentation.


This should make the Azure components installation a whole lot easier for our customers. We have also added some exciting features to Atomic Scope version 4.0 where you can build your own dashboards, audit logs etc. You can check out this blog for more detailed information.

Atomic Scope is a functional end to end business activity tracking and monitoring product for Hybrid integration scenarios involving Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps. Try Atomic Scope free for 15 days!