Where is my Message? The Use Case for End to End Tracking and Atomic Scope

In the integration world the two most common questions we get asked from an operational perspective are

  • Is my platform up and running?
  • Where is my message?

There are many tools such as BizTalk360, Solar Winds, Azure Log Analytics etc to help organizations to manage your platform which answers question 1.

Dealing with question one is an area of maturity for most organizations. Answering the question “Where is my message” is often harder for most organizations.

This white paper explains the importance of End to End Tracking platform and shows you how Atomic Scope can be an answer by becoming a key asset in your architecture.

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About the author

Micheal Stephenson

Michael Stephenson


Michael Stephenson is a highly experienced freelance integration architect with many years of experience of designing and delivering integration projects which leverage the Microsoft technology stack. He has deep, practical knowledge of delivering complex solutions with BizTalk, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Azure and associated technologies. Michael has also been a technical lead on 30+ projects which have leveraged Microsoft’s cloud platform using many of the different features it offers. Michael is heavily involved in community activities around Microsoft technologies through the Microsoft MVP and Advisor/Insider programmes and also speaks at user groups on a regular basis. Michael is also an author for Pluralsight having produced a very popular courses on .net and RabbitMQ.

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