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Jun 28

How Atomic Scope enforces user access policies?

Security is often the most overlooked but most important feature in many custom end-to-end functional monitoring solutions Security means user access control

By Archana sukumaran

May 26

How to track the EDI messages and nested orchestrations asynchronously in Atomic Scope

Introduction Track the messages through the BizTalk Pipeline is a significant component of Atomic Scope This blog post gives a clear picture on what is the

By Archana sukumaran
Atomic Scope 8.2

May 5

Atomic Scope version 8.2 updates

It’s been three months since we released Atomic Scope Version 81 and we are happy to announce that Atomic Scope Version 82 is out and available for

By Archana sukumaran

Mar 22

Viewing end-to-end flows with Logic Apps in Atomic Scope

This blog is a transcribed version of the webinar which we conducted in March 2021 This webinar is primarily focused on Hybrid users and how they can

By Christhini Rangasamy
Date-time Settings in Atomic Scope v8.2

Mar 21

Why did we build the Centralized Date-time Settings in Atomic Scope?

Introduction Atomic Scope is a functional end-to-end business activity tracking and monitoring product for Hybrid integration scenarios involving Microsoft

By Rajagurunathan Manikandan
Atomic Scope v8.1

Jan 11

Release blog – Atomic Scope v8.1

We are delighted to inform you that the next version of Atomic Scope, v81 is around the corner for production use! We understand the customer needs and

By Archana sukumaran
asynchronous message processing

Jan 11

Introducing Async Message Processing for BizTalk integrations

With Atomic Scope, you get functional insights into business transactions that run through your middleware platforms For example, suppose an integration that

By Lex Hegt
Performance Testing

Aug 3

Performance Testing in Atomic Scope

Non-functional areas of an application have been steadily growing in importance While an application’s functionality is very important, users have

By Archana sukumaran
Atomic Scope v8

Jun 22

Release blog – Atomic Scope v8.0

We are happy to inform you that the next version of Atomic Scope will be released for production use within a couple of days! Atomic Scope always understand

By Archana sukumaran
OAuth access token

May 25

Tracking Business Transactions with OAuth

Introduction OAuth, which stands for Open Authorization, and Its an open standard authorization protocol or framework which enables third-party services to

By Sathishkumar Kettimuthu