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Sep 27

How has Full-Text Search enhanced Business Transactions searching?

Introduction Atomic Scope is a functional end-to-end business activity tracking and monitoring product for Hybrid integration scenarios involving Microsoft

By Rajagurunathan Manikandan
Atomic Scope

Jun 28

How Atomic Scope enforces user access policies?

Security is often the most overlooked but most important feature in many custom end-to-end functional monitoring solutions Security means user access control

By Archana sukumaran

Apr 16

Alternatives for the Deprecated BAM Portal

Since the most recent version of BizTalk Server 2020, Microsoft has decided to deprecate the BAM portal In this blog post, we will explain a bit more about

By Lex Hegt

Jan 21

Top 10 Features of Atomic Scope Released in 2019

2019 was a great year for Atomic Scope since we have released  4 major versions with various new features, enhancements and bug fixes In this blog, we wanted

By Archana sukumaran

Feb 18

BAM versus Atomic Scope

Why we have switched from BAM to Atomic Scope If I look back in the past on what we have done when it comes to delivering visibility on top of our integration

By Bart Scheurweghs

Oct 10

Easter eggs of Atomic Scope Version 3.0

Our new release Atomic Scope version 30, contains lots of interesting features which are primarily driven by direct customer feedback and through various demos

By Pandiyan Murugan