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Oct 1

SplitOn client tracking Id in logic apps

In September update, logic Apps team brought a feature to specify tracking ids for logic apps with a SplitOn trigger I was looking for further information and

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Oct 1

Tracking business data in Azure Functions using Atomic Scope

Atomic Scope is a functional end to end monitoring solution for integration scenarios It helps you to track data from  Azure services such as Logic apps and

By Hariharan Subramanian

Sep 21

Web API’s to track data in Atomic Scope

Atomic Scope V3 brings you the ability to track data from your solution with the help of Atomic Scope Tracking API's In this blog, I will demonstrate how to

By Hariharan Subramanian

Sep 19

Atomic Scope Version 3.0 UI Improvements

In this blog, let's take a look at the some of the key UI Improvements in Atomic Scope Version 3 There are several significant UI updates in this version that

By Pandiyan Murugan

Sep 18

Query Alert and Notification Channels

Until now Atomic Scope offered exception monitoring which notified you as soon as there was a problem processing a message Since then we have received a lot of

By Daniel Szweda

Sep 13

Atomic Scope version 3.0 release updates

It's been three months since we released Atomic Scope Version 20 and today we are happy to announce that Atomic Scope Version 30 is out and available for

By Umamaheswaran Manivannan

Jul 18

Complete package of tools to support hybrid integration scenarios

Introduction BizTalk360 as a company has a laser focus on solving the monitoring challenges in integration space especially in BizTalk, Azure and hybrid

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Jul 12

Introducing Exception Monitoring in Atomic Scope

Ensuring that transactions are executed successfully at every stage of the process is a vital part of your integration project It is crucial that you are

By Daniel Szweda

Jun 25

Atomic Scope supports de-batching scenarios in BizTalk

Message de-batching is very common in integration scenarios In BizTalk, de-batching can happen either in receive pipeline or in an orchestration If anything

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Jun 19

User access policy to secure your business process

In many of the custom  end to end functional monitoring solution, security is often the overlooked but most important feature By security we mean the access

By Umamaheswaran Manivannan