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difference-between-BizTalk360-Atomic Scope

Jun 25

What is the difference between BizTalk360 and Atomic Scope?

Kovaico, our company, started around 9 years ago when our CEO, Saravana Kumar identified several gaps in the BizTalk Server Administration console, which

By Lex Hegt

Jun 22

New Release – Atomic Scope v7.0

We are delighted to inform you that the next version of Atomic Scope v70 will be released for production use within a couple of days! We understand the

By Archana sukumaran

Jun 10

Introduction to the new Graphical Business Process Designer

Atomic Scope allows you to visualize your business transactions in the Tracking portal, and each transaction contains multiple stages Currently, business

By Suhas Parameshwara

Apr 16

Alternatives for the Deprecated BAM Portal

Since the most recent version of BizTalk Server 2020, Microsoft has decided to deprecate the BAM portal In this blog post, we will explain a bit more about

By Lex Hegt

Feb 6

Atomic Scope v6.0 Released

We have started 2020 with our release of Atomic Scope Version 60 We always understand the empathy of the customers and improve the product accordingly, by

By Archana sukumaran

Jan 21

Top 10 Features of Atomic Scope Released in 2019

2019 was a great year for Atomic Scope since we have released  4 major versions with various new features, enhancements and bug fixes In this blog, we wanted

By Archana sukumaran

Nov 27

What’s coming to Atomic Scope 6.0?

We released Atomic Scope Version 50 recently which includes a good number of features and improvements So in our next release, we are going to mainly focus on

By Suhas Parameshwara

Nov 11

Tracking data using Azure Custom Connectors

If you are here reading this, I’m assuming you want to know more about Custom connectors and how it is being used to track data in Atomic Scope So basically,

By Hariharan Subramanian

Sep 30

Atomic Scope Version 5.0 Release Updates

For the past few months, the team has been busy with adding features, which matter to our existing and potential customers This document brings insight into

By Hariharan Subramanian

May 14

Atomic Scope Quick Start Guide

10 steps to start with Atomic Scope A lot of different “how to” scenarios are already explained on the Atomic Scope website But I was missing a real

By Bart Scheurweghs